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GoFlight was started by a few pioneers in flight simulation hardware looking to provide something different in flight simulation technology. Getting a start at Thrustmaster, they soon left to begin their own venture providing high quality flight panels. These pioneers had a vision to create high quality, realistic, and durable hardware that allowed for a better experience than many of the cheap plastic simulators had to offer, without the extreme prices attached to other realistic flight simulation technology.

After over fifteen years in business, those pioneers are still developing and manufacturing their hardware in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. They provide American made flight simulation hardware that is realistic and durable. Not only is their high quality flight simulation technology used nationally and internationally by flight schools, but much of the hardware they sold when they first started is still providing a quality flight simulation experience for users and pilots today.

GoFlight’s mission is to provide world-class hardware enhancements to the flight simulator industry and to the virtual pilot enthusiast. Your passion for Flight Simulation, not only as a PC gaming experience but also as an introduction to the world of aviation is also our passion, and we want enhance every aspect of your flying experience through hardware that brings flight simulation to life.

With GoFlight hardware, the very real potential to transition from hobbyist to licensed pilot, and subsequently, to a full-fledged career is never out of reach.

There are many elements to creating GoFlight’s very special flight simulator add-on hardware products and simulators that bring new, exciting realism to your desire for flying in the virtual world. Our compatibility with Microsoft’s base Flight Simulator software programs (both FS2004, and FSX), Project Magenta, X-Plane, I-Fly, FSUIPC, Level D, PMDG, Prepar3D and other platforms enables integration with aircraft ranging from a Private Pilot to the heavy airliners in the Corporate Pilot, Commuter Pilot, Airliner Pilot and the ATP Ultimate Pilot hardware systems offered by GoFlight.

We know you’ll be satisfied with the high quality hardware we provide, and we know you’ll be able to enjoy the realism of its use for many years to come. We can’t wait until you experience high quality and realistic flight simulation GoFlight provides, not just the plastic paperweight you’ll find elsewhere. We’ll provide the feel and soon you’ll be a go, with GoFlight.

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