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Plugging in the GF-DIO plugin module

Example: To connect the individual hardware components to the DIO Board, use the cable assemblies that come with your DIO purchase. On both the components and the board itself, there are 3-pin connectors which simply plug into the connectors on the ends of the cable assemblies Each component takes a different amount of cables depending… read more

Mounting the GF-DIO Board

Mounting Options: Option 1 – Screw Mounted (not pictured). The GF-DIO board comes with standoff screws giving you the option to screw mount your GF-DIO board where you place within your home built cockpit.  Option 2 – Double Sided Tape (pictured below) Another simple option is to use a few strips of double mounted sticky… read more

Mounting the GF-MCP Pro

Freestanding Mounting Option Desktop: Included are two triangular brackets. Attach these brackets as shown to both ends: AC Rack Mounting Option Remove the GF-MCP Pro’s electronic from the case buy removing the four front panel screws. Attach the case to the AC Rack with the enclosed screw as shown: Place the electronic back into the… read more

Main Lever Control Calibration GF-TQ6

Main Control Lever Calibration After connecting the GF-TQ6 to your computer for the first time, it is necessary to calibrate the six main control levers so that they have effect throughout their entire range of motion. After this process has been completed, you will not have to repeat the calibration steps unless you: (a) wish… read more

Installing and Configuring the GF-WP6 Module

Installing GF-Config Software NOTE: If you own other GoFlight hardware and have already installed the most current version of software on your system, you do not need to install the software again. Simply skip the software installation steps in the instructions below.  1. Using a web browser go to 2. On the GoFlight home… read more

Installing GF-166 Magnetic Labels

a MagLabel sheet as illustrated in the following depiction: GoFlight’s MagLabels are used to label the displays and buttons on the GF-166 for easy reference during flight. Using a pair of scissors, carefully cut out the labels that you wish to place on the panel to correspond with functions you have assigned using GF-Config. Due… read more

Installing and Configuring the GF-MESM Module

Installing the GF-Config Software 1. Get on line and go to 2. On the home page click Support tab then Latest Software Update 3. Click on Latest Software Up-date to download our latest module drivers and configuration software. 4. Click “Run” or “Save” and follow the instruction to load your software If the software installer detects… read more

Installing and configuring the GF-RP48 Rotary/Push button Module

Installing the GF-Config Software 1. Get on line and go to 2. On the home page click Support. 3. Click on “GF Config x.xx” to download our latest module drivers and configuration software. 4. Click “Run” or “Save” and follow the instructions to install the software. If the software installer detects that GoFlight software… read more

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