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Mounting the GF-MCP Pro

Freestanding Mounting Option Desktop: Included are two triangular brackets. Attach these brackets as shown to both ends: AC Rack Mounting Option Remove the GF-MCP Pro’s electronic from the case buy removing the four front panel screws. Attach the case to the AC Rack with the enclosed screw as shown: Place the electronic back into the… read more

Configuring the GF-MCP Pro

Using GF-Config, you can change certain characteristics of the MCP Pro’s operation, so that it can operate most realistically with different types of aircraft. You select the MCP Pro for configuration by left clicking on its icon in the left-hand portion of the GF-Config window. Once the MCP Pro is selected for configuration, you can… read more

GF-MCP Pro Suggested Add-on Aircraft

Several add-on aircraft packages are available for Microsoft Flight Simulator that provide a much fuller simulation of these advanced aircraft autopilot systems, and allow high fidelity use of most, if not all, MCP Pro controls. For more information, we encourage you to visit the following software publishers’ Web sites. ProSim 737 PMDG737NGX Ifly… read more

GF-MCP Pro Operation

The MCP Pro is designed to closely resemble the look and function of the Boeing 737NG aircraft’s MCP (Mode Control Panel) in color, control layout, and dimensions. The “real-world” 737NG MCP is a complex piece of equipment with many displays, knobs, and switches. Its purpose is to give the pilot control of all the various… read more

GF-MCP Pro Not Working with FSX

If your MCP Pro is functioning in other simulators but not FSX, try the following fixes: Depending on your permissions settings, FSX may need to be run in Administrator mode to detect your hardware. This can be done by right clicking on FSX, and selecting “Run As Administrator” If these solutions do not work, please… read more

Installing the GF-MCP Pro Software

NOTE: If you own other GoFlight hardware and have already installed the same or more recent version of GoFlight software than that was included with your MCP-Pro, you do not need to install the software again. Get on line and go to On the GoFlight home page click Support. Click on “GF Config x.xx”… read more

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