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Hello to our amazing customers and fans. Do to the out break of the corona virus and a order form state government, executive order No.20-12, In compliance with this order. GoFlight has temporally closed its doors. We will continue to accept orders, but we will not ship until the executive order has been lifted.

PLEASE NOTE: While we are closed. A cancellation fee of 10% will be incur if an existing order is cancelled.

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Get a little help from flight pioneers just like yourself.

By Thomas Crowell on November 12, 2017 Experience new horizons with GoFlight’s dedicated followers, forums, and support page. Everyone could use a little help from their friends, and GoFlight has many that are as dedicated to pushing the throttle and breaking limits as you are. GoFlight’s forums are here to help you break the boundaries… read more

PMDG / GoFlight Config Tutorial – Video 2

Photo Credit: PMDG   Welcome to the second installment of our three part video dearies of linking GoFlight flight panels with PMDG NGX using the GoFlight Interface Tool (GIT) which can be purchased through PollyPot Software. First, we’ll quickly review the UX of the GIT.  What to be looking for once you’ve launched the tool,… read more

PMDG / GoFlight Config Tutorial – Video 3

Photo Credit: PMDG   This is our final review of the GoFlight Interface Tool (GIT).  Here we’ll be taking a look at programming the landing lights in our 737 overhead panel. The landing gear lights are a tricky switch because they do not return to center like the Gen or APU switches we reviewed in… read more

South Pacific Island Hopper- Part 5 of 5

Hafa Adai, and welcome back to the Island Hopper. As you have probably noticed if you’ve been following this series, the last installment is a bit overdue. Rest assured, however- despite increased military tension from North Korea and an unusual amount of media coverage for this tiny island, we did, in fact, safely reach our… read more

PMDG / GoFlight Config Tutorial – 3 Must See Videos

We will be releasing a three part blog series focused on how to properly install/configure your GoFlight panels and controls with the PMDG 737 NGX.  Angle of Attack teamed up with us to create three in depth video’s walking you through the install and configuration process.  These videos are intended to inform our users, and… read more

South Pacific Island Hopper – 4 of 5

Aloha, and welcome back to the United Island hopper! As we begin the home stretch of our six flight journey, I’ve decided to do a bit of condensing and give you two flights in just one article! Since we’ve covered the basics of Island hopping and you likely feel more than comfortable handling this increased… read more

GoFlight’s New Website – A Tour

Welcome to GoFlight! If you’re a regular, you have no doubt noticed our recent major overhaul to our web presence. We’ve shifted our entire site to a new, responsive design, and have added tons of exciting features for our community members to enjoy.  While we’ve designed the site with simplicity and ease of use in… read more

South Pacific Island Hopper- Part 3 of 5

Welcome to part 3 of our series on United’s Island Hopper!   For those of you just joining us, we left off having just landed at the US Army Airfield located on Kwajalein Atoll (KWA). Next, we’ve got a quick hop to the island of Kosrae (KSA) in the Federated States of Micronesia. [youtube][/youtube]  … read more

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