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A Custom(er) Modification

We’ve asked a few customers to be guest writers for the blog and submit short posts on some of their latest projects.  Each one will be a quick read with some good pieces of advice or tips they’ve uncovered being serious vPilots.  Today, we are bringing a fun, simple build from Jason Sokoloff.  Jason is a real world Boeing 737 pilot, content creator, and serious simmer.  He also is an integral member of Angle Of Attack, bringing their fans and customers detailed tutorial videos for those wanting to learn basic, to advanced concepts for just about any plane type. Jason also created this excellent video series linking GoFlight gear with PMDG’s 737NGX. Seen HERE
The GoFlight GF-Airliner Pilot System, panels, and pedestal is an amazing addition to any serious sim pilot’s toolbox. I have now enjoyed many flying hours with this great product. However, there was a bit of an issue until I sorted out the mess…

One day I walked into my simulation room to find the unit on its side. Well, that just won’t do, and how did this occur? I thought. I immediately I identified the culprit and thought I had the issue handled. Recently I was working on my fly tying vice getting ready for an upcoming fishing trip at my desk. The GF panel is located behind my desk chair on wheels…yes you guessed it. I got up and the chair went rolling backward into the GF system…Wham! There goes the panel on the floor yet again. OkayI had enoughI needed to rectify the situation.

The build:

I sat down to draw up a stand that would ensure that the GF panel was protected from unwanted tipping. In this blog, I intend to layout my design plan for the stand. This works twofold, 1) I wanted a bit more height and 2) some stability from the tip- overs. Total cost was about $10.00 depending on parts it may be more for you, but I don’t anticipate over $30.00.

I went to my local hardware store, in my case Home Depot. I got the needed supplies:

  • 96” 2X4 stud $2.50
  • Nails or screws about 1.5” (free for me, as I had this on hand)
  • Plywood-enough for about 12” by 30” (Free for me I had this on hand)
  • L-brackets ¾” $1.97 (4) in a pack
  • 4 smaller screws to fit into the L-bracket (Free I had them on hand)
  • Tools to cut the wood. I used a miter saw and a circular saw.
  • Hammer and Drill
  • Measuring tape and pencil

Below are the plans for the stand.

Take into account the frame, two 2X4 cut to 28”. Three 2X4 cut to about 8” for the cross beams. Ensure that you measure them because no two pieces of wood are the same. Happy building!

You can find a wide selection of GoFlight pre-built systems which use the FDC here.  GoFlight Flight Systems

We look forward to hearing more about what you all have been up to, and how you have been using GoFlight gear to improve your flying.  If you have something you’d like to submit, please contact us at for instructions on how to submit a post.   Posts should be no more than 750 words and should contain some picture to support your post.

Wheels Up!

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