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A Nu use for GoFlight panels

Today we are bringing you a post outside the normal realm of flight simulation.  A small project that allowed us to make some fun modifications to common T8 Panels.  Hope you enjoy!

Every now and again GoFlight gets contacted by individuals and/or companies working on interesting projects, outside of aviation.  Often times these projects require some slight customization of our products to better suit their specific needs.  These projects are always fun to work on because they offer a new and unique perspective on our products and how they can be adapted to fit other environments.

Late last year, we spoke with a really cool outfit out of Corvallis, Oregon called NuScale Power.  The project started in 2000 through a joint research project between Oregon State University (OSU) and the Idaho National Environment & Engineering Laboratories (INEEL), funded by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE).  The challenge was to develop a small nuclear power plant.

As it was described to us, there is still an interesting stigma carried by the general population regarding nuclear energy and while very stable, a few incidents have established a very dark cloud over the energy source.  Instead of having one or two large reactors that might be harder to manage, require larger teams of engineers, or have one big effect in the case of a critical event, the plan for a larger number small reactors is easier to manage, requires smaller teams and if a critical event were to occur, that too would be much smaller and easier to contain.

When the project concluded in 2003, during which two, (1) 1000 MW and (1) 600 MW, nuclear reactors were successfully built and maintained by OSU to help the developer achieve Design Certification (DC) from the United States Nuclear Commission (NRC), the team of OSU scientists continued the design of small nuclear plants.  OSU then granted NuScale exclusive rights to the nuclear power plant design as well as the continued use of the test facility through a technology transfer agreement in 2007.  NuScale Power notified the NRC of their intent to pursue DC.  The project is currently in pre-application review phase with the NRC.  Since then, many leading consultants in the nuclear industry have joined with NuScale to commercialize this technology.

At this point you might be asking, where did GoFlight get involved and what does this have to do with flight sim panels?  The engineers at NuScale Power found our panels and were able to adapt them for use in their simulated control rooms.  Now, each reactor station has two modified GoFlight T8 panels used to assist in training exercises.

In addition to a slight modification of the panels themselves, they requested some great looking switch covers that totally change the look and feel of the panel.  When pulled together, they turned out really nice.

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