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GF-Mini Rack


This sleek GF-Mini Rack is ideal for students or individuals with very limited space as well as those needing more racks to add more hardware and expand their larger system.

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  • The GF-Mini rack is a great looking, low-cost enclosure for mounting any of the GF cockpit control modules in your home cockpit.
  • The mini rack is constructed from aluminum, making it strong yet lightweight. It stands 4.5 high, 7.5 wide, and 8 deep. The module bay area can contain either one 4 module (GF-46 or GF-LGT II) or two modules (GF-P8 or GF-T8).
  • Mounting rails on the left and right edges of the module bay contain threaded fasteners at 1 intervals. Whether you’re adding on or just getting started building your GF-Mini system, the mini rack helps make your home cockpit great looking, more realistic and fun.

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Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 9 × 8 × 5 in


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