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GF-TQ6 Advanced Throttle Quadrant


The GoFlight TQ6-ADV Throttle Quadrant is our top of the line throttle quadrant. This throttle quadrant replicates a commercial, twin-engine configuration and features integrated Take Off/Go Around (TOGA) switches, Auto Throttle Disengage buttons, and Reverse Thrust levers. Included in this set up are the Spoiler and Trim Lever. This throttle quadrant comes with a 6′ A/B USB cord and is plug-and-play ready after a quick calibration in your video game controller page. Built with the same high-quality, durable sheet metal, and powder coat finish this GoFlight Throttle Quadrant is built to last.



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  • Though the GF-TQ6 ADV is designed for twin-engine planes, this device works with any number of engines. The GF-TQ6 ADV works well with four engine wide-body planes, turbo-prop, and smaller jet engine regional planes. Simple set the controls in the configuration page to control the number of engines your plane has and the GF-TQ6 ADV can adapt to your specific needs.
  • The GF-TQ6 ADV can be configured within minutes using our FREE GF-Config software.
  • From the all-metal chassis to in-house final assembly in the USA. The electronic switches and potentiometers are all high cycle count components. Like all of our products, the attention to detail and craftsmanship of the GF-TQ6 ADV is unparalleled in the industry, you’re getting what you pay for- and more.


GoFlight’s GF-TQ6 ADV Advanced Throttle Quadrant is compatible with Prepar3D and FSX using our Free GF-Config software. Third Party support is available for other X-Plane.

Racks & Mounting Options

Mount your GF-TQ6 ADV to any desktop table with TQ6 Clamp.*

*Sold separately.



Additional information

Weight 60 oz
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 7 in


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