GoFlight Starter Sets Now on Sale!

GoFlight Starter Sets Now on Sale!

$1,099.95 $1,259.95
Start building your home cockpit now with GoFlight’s Starter Set.

Commercial $1,259.95
Commercial $1,259.95
General $1,099.95
General $1,099.95

Let our technology ignite your passion for exploring the skies. When you feel the tactile intensity of our controls you’ll know what it meant to ignite the skies and fuel your passions. In this starter set, you’ll receive the durable cast metal and incredibly responsive GoFlight ProYoke, the GoFlight TQ6 lever console and the GoFlight TQ6 mounting clamp. With this incredible kit, you’ll be able to take your passion for flight to the next level.

The GoFlight Starter Set, where the sky is not the limit, it’s your playground.

GoFlight Starter Set Includes: GF-ProYoke, GF-TQ6, TQ6 Throttle Clamp

GoFlight Commercial Starter Set Includes: GF-ProYoke, GF-TQ6-ADV (737 Handles), TQ6 Throttle Clamp

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