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GoFlight prides itself on two pillars that allow it to stand apart from other Flight Simulation manufacturers on the market. The first pillar is GoFlight’s high quality aluminum caste and sheet metal hardware that works effectively, realistically, and is manufactured in the United States. The second pillar is GoFlight’s excellent and highly responsive customer support.

What can you expect from GoFlight once you’ve purchased a flight simulator or simulator hardware?

  • A 1 year warranty on all parts purchased.
  • OEM technology and hardware that can be purchased individually or together to build your simulator all at once or as you go.
  • Hardware that is cast aluminum, durable, and offers incredible realism.
  • Hardware that can support thousands of hours of simulated flight and equipment that has lasted for up to 15 years.
  • Assistance through the build and installation process including fully documented and easy to follow instructions, online forums with supplemental information, and timely responses and helpful assistance through email and phone.
  • Software drivers that support the vast majority of platforms (including PC and Mac) and the vast majority of simulation software (including Microsoft Flight Simulator 9 and X, Prepar3d Flight Simulator, X – Plane Flight Simulator, and many more).
  • Software updates that stay up to date with your hardware, platform, and flight simulator technology.

Where can I go to receive Go Flight’s support?

  • GoFlight® Forums are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Come join us in the Pilot’s Club and Tech Hangar and share flight simulator tips and support, swap flight simulator stories, learn of new GoFlight-happenings, and meet fellow flight simulator pilots from all over the world!
  • For technical questions about GoFlight® hardware modules and simulators, contact us by email at, or call at 503.895.7020.
  • For general questions about GoFlight® flight simulator products, contact us by e-mail at

Latest Software and Driver Update

For the latest software download, please click the following link: GF-Config 2.26.1
This latest update includes:

  • Added support for Prepar3D version 3.
  • Ensures Microsoft security does not stop the GoFlight software from starting.

***Due to this file being a .exe extension, Google Chrome lists it as potential mal-ware and blocks any attempt at downloading it.

  • To download, go to Advanced Settings.
  • Click Privacy
  • Uncheck the box Enable Malware and Phishing Protection

Once the download is complete. Go back to that box and activate Enable Malware and Phishing Protection once again to restore those settings.***


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