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Before you start setting up GF-THR 737 handles with a GF-TQ6

First you need to calibrate your TQ6, so open your Control Panel and then Game Controllers.  The TQ6 should be in the games controllers’ list. Choose your TQ6, and then click on properties.  You should now see a picture of the TQ6 in the calibration window, like the example below. Now click on calibrate and follow the instructions.

NOTE: Calibrate all lever Arms.

NOTE: Windows 7 Users

How to locate the Game controllers in windows 7

  • Open the control panel Find Devices and printers Find TQ6 .
  • Right Click on the TQ6.
  • Choose Game settings Calibrator.
  • Click Properties.
  • Then calibrate.
GF-TQ6 Throttle System Properties screen shot
GF-TQ6 Throttle System Properties screen shot

Configuring your GF-TQ^ Throttle Handles

First, open GF-Config and configure your reverser arms.  Open GF-Config and click on the picture of the TQ6 on the left side of the program window.  Now, on the right side you will see the programming for the TQ6.  You will need to set Engine 1 and 2 Thrust Rev as shown in the example below. After you have set the Reverser arms, you will need to set the throttle Arms C and D for engine 1 and 2 as shown in the example below.   After you have programmed your throttle arms, you will also need to program your Speed Brake and Flaps, like in the example below. Once you have completed these steps, save and exit GF-Config

GF _Config software for GF-TQ6 reverser calibration screen shot

Setting up your TOGA and Auto Throttle Button

The TOGA button can be programmed thru FSX FS9.  To program, go to settings, then controls, then click on the Buttons/Key tab.  Make sure that your TQ6 is in the controller type window.  Now, scroll down and find the TOGA function.  Double click on the function, and then a box will come up asking you to hit a button. Hit one of the TOGA buttons on your THR Handles.  Now the function is set. The Auto Throttle Disengage button can be programmed thru FSUIPC FSX; FS9 does not have this function.

GF-TQ6 TOGA button setup screen shot

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