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Calibrating the GF-RP2 Rudder Pedals

The “GFRP-2” System is calibrated through the Windows game controller settings. To calibrate your yoke, first plug it in to an available USB port using the included cable. Once the “GFRP-2” is connected, navigate to the control panel and open “Find Devices and Printers”. In Windows 8, typing “Devices” in the search menu on the start screen can quickly access this menu.

GF-RP2 gaming screen shot

appears, find “GoFlight GF-RC2 Rudder Control” in the device list and click “Properties”. You will then be given an option to calibrate or test the controller. This menu will allow you to test and configure each axis of the system.

To ensure your Rudder System is properly configured, ensure that a full range of motion on each axis is reflected as such on the calibration test screen. If an axis is not configured properly, the “Calibrate” menu screen will allow you to adjust the calibration of each individual axis.

GF-RP2 Calibration screen shot

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