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Configuring the GF-166

To select the functions that you want your GF-166 to perform, you choose selections from function lists presented in the Configuration View, the right-hand panel in the GF-Config program window. The Configuration View presents a tab control for each flight simulator program that is detected on your computer. When selecting functions for the GF-166, make sure that you have selected the tab control corresponding to the flight simulator you wish to configure the GF-166 functions for assignment.

Three lists are available – one for the Main Avionics Function, one for the Left Function and one for the Right Function.

GF-Config program window for GF-166 screen shot

The Main Avionics Function list contains entries for all radio types including COM1, NAV1, COM2, NAV2, ADF and Transponder. When you select one of these function types, the behavior of the rotary knobs, dual displays, and center function button are configured to operate as the type of radio you have selected. The Left and Right Function buttons are unaffected by the Main Avionics Function selection. The Left Function and Right Function lists contain entries for additional cockpit functions that may be assigned to the left and right function buttons, respectively.

The GF-166 cockpit function selections presented by GF-Config may change from one release of software to another, as GoFlight is continually developing new software features and releasing them via software updates. Because of this, we suggest that you consult the GF-Config On-Line Help facility, which contains details about all of the configuration options available in your release of software. The online help facility may be accessed within GF-Config simply by clicking the ‘Help’ tab of the GF-Config menu bar. On-line help can also be accessed from the Windows Start menu by selecting

Start →Programs → GoFlight → GF-Config Help .

When you have finished selecting functions for your GF-166, exit GFConfig and run your Flight Sim program.

NOTE: The GFConfig screens shown in these instructions were taken from an earlier version of GFConfig, and shows GFConfig’s configuration view for the GF-166. If you have a different version of software, the options and the layout of the window may differ slightly from the one shown here.

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