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Configuring the GF-MESM

To Setup your GF-MESM for the default aircraft. In GF-Config use the cockpit function menu.

Example: Click on LStart knob turn CCW “Counter Clockwise” and set the cockpit function to ENG_1_Starter_off.

Then click on LStart knob turn CW “Clockwise” and set the cockpit function to ENG_1_Starter_on

Repeat the process for the Right engine starter knob.

Note: There is no setting for the EGN Switch for the FS Default Aircraft.

GF-Config program window for GF-MESM screen shot

The GF-MESM can also be used for add on aircraft using the Key Sequence feature.

To setup your GF MESM with add-on aircraft you will need to look at your add-on documentation to find the keystrokes that control the engine functions. Once you have found the keystrokes you will need to put them into GF-Config using the Key Sequence feature.

Open GF-Config and click on your MESM. Now to the right side of the program window choose the Function to program. Then click on the Key Sequence and then Record. Now use your keyboard to set the keystroke for that function.

When you have finished selecting functions for your GF-MESM, exit GFConfig and run your Flight Sim Program.

Note: The MESM also support’s FSUIPC for setting keystrokes.

If you have any questions or problems setting up your GF-MESM you can contact our Tech Support.

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