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Configuring the GF-WP6

To select the functions that you want your GF-WP6 to perform, you choose selections from function lists presented in the Configuration View, the right-hand panel in the GFConfig program window. The Configuration View presents a tab control for each flight simulator program that is detected on your computer. When selecting functions for the GF-WP6, Make sure that you have selected the tab control corresponding to the flight simulator you wish to configure the GF-WP6 functions for assignment.

Choose form the pull down menu functions. Highlight the button you want to program by clicking on it. Now scroll down the menu and set the function you want on that button. Repeat till all buttons are programmed. Note: Under the main menu is the indicator color and alarm Type for each button If the function you are using is a alarm Or cautions don’t forget to set it in the alarm type menu.

GF-Config program window for GF-WP6 screen shot

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