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Connecting the USB Cable to a GF-TQ6

To connect the GF-TQ6 to your computer, use the 2-meter USB cable provided in the package, following these steps:

  1. Plug the USB cable “B” connector end (square) into the connector on the back of the GF-TQ6 enclosure.
  2. Plug the USB cable “A” connector end (rectangular) to a USB port on your computer.

The first time the GF-TQ6 is connected to the USB port on a computer running Microsoft Windows, a message “New Hardware Found” may appear briefly on your screen. This indicates that Windows has detected the GF-TQ6, and has loaded all required drivers. From this point on, if you disconnect the GF-TQ6 and then re-connect it, the drivers will automatically load but no message will appear on the screen. This also occurs each time you re-start your computer while the GF-TQ6 is connected. The automatic loading of the drivers with no notification message is a normal operating feature of the Windows Plug and Play operating system.

NOTE: If you own other GoFlight hardware and have already installed the most current version of software on your system, you do not need to install the software again. Simply skip the software installation steps in the instructions below.

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