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GF-TPM Main Lever Control Calibration

After connecting the GF-TPM to your computer for the first time, it is necessary to calibrate the three control levers so that they have effect throughout their entire range of motion. After this process has been completed, you will not have to repeat the calibration steps unless you: (a) wish to change the lever response to suit different applications, or (b) install or remove other game devices attached to your computer.

Calibration and Operations Checkout on Windows Systems

 For owners of computers running the Microsoft Windows operating system, control lever calibration is accomplished using the Control Panel applet called either “Game Controllers” (XP and VISTA). The steps on the following pages will guide you through the process of calibrating the GF-TPM control levers. 

1. From the Windows Control Panel, start the Game Controllers or Gaming Options applet.

GF-TPM game controller screen shot

2. Select the entry that reads “GF-TPM Throttle System”, then click the Properties button. 

GF-TPM Calibration screen shot

3. After clicking the Properties button, the test and calibration panel for the GF-TPM is displayed. Below the GF-TPM control diagram are three colored bars showing the current positions of all the GF-TPM ’s control levers.

4. Using this panel, you can test and calibrate all three main control levers quickly and easily in a single pass. To calibrate, simply follow the instructions displayed on the panel. Calibration is only required the first time you connect the GF-TPM to your computer, and then only if you reassign its game controller ID or cause the ID to change by connecting or removing other game devices.

Now that you have calibrated the GF-TPM you now need to set the sensitivities and null zone settings as follows:

1. Open your version of FlightSim and click on “Settings”. 

2. Make sure you have the GF-TPM showing in the joystick type window. 

3. Click on “Sensitivities” then “Advanced” and then move the “Sensitivities” slider all the way to the right. 

4. Now move the “Null zone slider” all the way to the left.

The GF-TPM can be used with the most prevalent flight simulator programs.

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