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Installing and Configuring the GF-P8

Installing GF-Config for the GF-P8 Module

1. Get on line and go to

2. On the GoFlight home page click Support.

3. Click on “GF Config x.xx” to download the latest module drivers and configuration software.

4. Click “Run” or “Save” and follow the instruction to install the software.  If the software installer detects that GoFlight software is already installed on your system, it will prompt you to overwrite. Click the Yes button to overwrite the existing version of GoFlight software. This is useful if you wish to keep the configuration settings for other GoFlight modules installed on your system. However, you should first make sure that the software you are overwriting is an older version and not a newer one.

Installing the GF-P8 Module

1. If you are going to mount the GF-P8 module into a GF-AC rack, install the module in any desired location in the rack using the two thumbscrews provided.

NOTE: When tightening the GF-P8 mounting or thumbscrews, be careful not to over-tighten the screws as it is possible to strip the threads in the mounting holes or break the mounting screws if excessive force is applied

2. Plug the USB cable “B” connector end (square) into the connector on the back of the GF-P8 circuit board.

3. Plug the USB cable “A” connector end (rectangular) to a USB port on your computer or hub. The message “New Hardware Found” may appear briefly, showing that the GF-P8 was detected

Configuring the GF-P8 Module

Either click Start–>Programs–>GoFlight to access the GoFlight program or Double-click on the GoFlight Config icon on your desktop, if you choose to create one.

Click on the graphic illustration of the GF-P8. It will become highlighted in a red outlined border. Then assign the desired function for each push button from the drop-down list provided for each of the 8 push button switches. See picture below.

GF-Config program window for GF-P8 configuration screen shot

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