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Installing the GF-THR 737 Throttle Handles

Steps to Install GF-THR:

  1. Loosen the three (3) bottom 1/4” screws in bottom rear row of case. (Do Not Remove Yet)
  2. Remove two (2) screws on top, back of case.
  3. Remove three (3) 3/8” screws in bottom front row of case. Note: Front screws are longer than rear screws.
  4. Gently remove top cover. (Please pay attention to PC Board alignment)
  5. Remove remaining screws from step 1.
  6. Locate four (4) switch wires soldered and glued to board.
  7. Separate wires (not from board but from one another) 1” from board mount.
  8. Gather your face plate, and new GF-THR handles.
  9. Run the handles with connecting wires through the slots on the metal cover (#3-#4) of cover paying attention to the Left and the Right handles being properly placed.
  10. Locate ground wires “GREEN”, and twist together both L and R handle ground wires.
  11. Perform the same procedure done with A/T Disengage, “RED”.
  12. Perform the same procedure done with Auto Shut Off & Go Around, “PINK”.
  13. Locate ground wire soldered to board, place wire connect on ground wire, fold exposed ground wire “GREEN” from handles back onto itself, insert handle wire into open hole on connector and close connector and squeeze with pliers.
  14. Locate the “hot” soldered switch wires on boards switch pots #1 and #4. Connect either A/T Disengage “RED” wires or Auto Shut Off & Go Around “PINK” to hot soldered wire on board the same as performed in task #13 to one of the throttle arms hot wires on either switch pot #1 or #4
  15. Perform same task with remaining A/T Disengage or Auto Shut Off & Go Around to which ever switch pots remains, #1 or #1.
  16. Two (2) wires remaining “YELLOW”, Left throttle handle connects to switch pot #2. Right gets connected to throttle handle #3.
  17. Slide board back into base and insert three (3) short 3/8” screws into back three (3) spots. (leave loose for placing cover later)
  18. Place cover, with handles back into position.
  19. Gently slide lever arms into Throttle Arm Holders.
  20. Screw three (3) long 1/4” screws in front row and tighten all base screws
  21. Install two (2) screws on back.
  22. Plug into system, open GF-Config and program two button functions for desired function.
  23. ENJOY!!!

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