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Installing the GF-MCP Pro Software

NOTE: If you own other GoFlight hardware and have already installed the same or more recent version of GoFlight software than that was included with your MCP-Pro, you do not need to install the software again.

  1. Get on line and go to
  2. On the GoFlight home page click Support.
  3. Click on “GF Config x.xx” to download the latest module drivers and configuration software.
  4. Click “Run” or “Save” and follow the instruction to install the software. If the software installer detects that GoFlight software is already installed on your system, it will prompt you to overwrite. Click the Yes button to overwrite the existing version of GoFlight software. This is useful if you wish to keep the configuration settings for other GoFlight modules installed on your system, however, you should first make sure that the software you are overwriting is an older version and not a newer one.

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