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Mounting the GF-MCP Pro

Freestanding Mounting Option

GF-MCP Pro free stand mounting option picture
Desktop: Included are two triangular brackets. Attach these brackets as shown to both ends:

AC Rack Mounting Option

Remove the GF-MCP Pro’s electronic from the case buy removing the four front panel screws. Attach the case to the AC Rack with the enclosed screw as shown: Place the electronic back into the case and attach with the four screws.

GF-MCP Pro AC rack mounting option picture

Over Head Rack Mounting Option

1, Attach the two triangular brackets as shown below. Remove the two end screws of the Over Head Rack. Attach the GF-MCP Pro to the GF-OHR with the two 6-32 by ½ “ (included) screws as shown below:

GF-MCP Pro Overhead rack mount option picture

2. Plug the USB cable “B” connector end (square) into the connector on the back of the GF-MCP Pro circuit board.

3. Plug the USB cable “A” connector end (rectangular) to a USB port on your computer. The message “New Hardware Found” will appear briefly, showing that the GF-MCP Pro was detected. When the operating system recognizes the GF-MCP Pro, you will see the GF-MCP Pro’s “wakeup” sequence – the LED displays light up with messages “123” in the 3-digit displays and “12345” in the 5-digit displays, sweeping across left to right, followed by a quick left-to-right sweep of all the lighted push buttons. This sequence will repeat any time you disconnect and re-connect the module, and each time you start up your computer. It indicates that the GF-MCP Pro is ready to use.

4. After you install the GF-MCP Pro software and connect the GF-MCP Pro for the first time, run the GF-Config program, which is located in your Programs menu under “GoFlight”. Verify that GF-Config displays an icon representing the GF-MCP Pro unit on the left-hand side of the window. Left-click on the GF-MCP Pro icon to show the configuration options in the right-hand side of the window.

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