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Using the MCP-Pro with Microsoft Flight Simulator Default FSX Aircraft

To use the MCP Pro with the built-in aircraft included in Microsoft® Flight Simulator 2004 and FSX, run GF-Config and select the MCP Pro device, then choose the FS DEFAULT mode selection in the MCP Pro Configuration View. This allows you to use your MCP Pro for more realistic operation of the Boeing aircraft included with Flight Simulator. Due to some functional limitations of the autopilot built into all Microsoft Flight Simulator aircraft, not all of the controls on the MCP Pro panel can be used when in the FS DEFAULT mode. The following describes some of these limitations and how they affect the functioning of the MCP Pro.

  • Flight Simulator’s autopilot has only one Engage mode (no distinction between A and B), so the A CMD and B CMD buttons both serve to engage and disengage the autopilot. Both buttons light when the autopilot is engaged.
  • Flight Simulator’s autopilot does not support a Control Wheel Steering function, and so the A CWS and B CWS buttons are programmed as Autopilot Engage/Disengage buttons, performing the same function as the A CMD and B CMD buttons.
  • Flight Simulator’s autopilot and primary flight display supports only one Flight Director. Both left and right F/D switches can be used to control the state of this single Flight Director. When the Flight Director is activated, both left and right F/D LEDs light up.
  • The following buttons are non-functional because Flight Simulator’s autopilot does not support their corresponding functions: LVL CHG, VNAV, LNAV, SPD, INTV, ALT, INTV.

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