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PMDG / GoFlight Config Tutorial – Video 1

Photo Credit: PMDG


Thanks for joining us as we dive in to what it takes to properly configure the PMDG NGX with GoFlight’s panels and controls.  Whether you already have a few GoFlight panels and what to start flying the PMDG plane, or are already flying the NGX and want to upgrade your flight controls, this video series will help you sort through the sometimes painstaking process of configuring hardware.

In this first video, our host Jason will take you on a quick tour of the GoFlight website.  There you will get an overview of the best GoFlight products to use when flying the NGX and how they’ll make flying easier.  Once you’ve got the products in hand, he’ll show you how to configure using the GoFlight GF-Config tool which links any GoFlight hardware to FSX.

Once you have the GF-Config tool downloaded and installed, the next step is downloading the GoFlight PMDG Interface Tool from PollyPot Software at  This plugin is needed to make the hardware speak to the plane itself.

Soon you’ll be on your way to a fully loaded 737 NGX cockpit!  In the next video, we’ll take a look at the actual programming of individual switch types using the GoFlight PMDG Interface Tool.

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