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PMDG / GoFlight Config Tutorial – Video 2

Photo Credit: PMDG


Welcome to the second installment of our three part video dearies of linking GoFlight flight panels with PMDG NGX using the GoFlight Interface Tool (GIT) which can be purchased through PollyPot Software.

First, we’ll quickly review the UX of the GIT.  What to be looking for once you’ve launched the tool, and understanding the different actions required to properly program the hardware.  With the UX of the GIT, with each switch, you’ll be needing to assign four actions; the switch event, switch action, corresponding light data, and finally the light action.

Once we are done with the UX, we’ll move onto programming of the different switches.  Specifically, we’ll be taking a look at the two-position switches found typically on the GoFlight T8 panel.  Along with the switches, we’ll be showing you how to coordinate the light actions that corresponds to the switches actions.

To get started, you first need to select the panel you wish to program from the tabs at the top of the GIT, in this case, the T8.  Second, you’ll need to identify the panel you wish to work on (if you have two of the same panel present in your sim).  If you are having trouble identifying, there is a handy “Identify” button with will turn on all the lights of the panel in question.pmdg-fs2crew-pmdg-737-ngx-edition-trailer-mp4

Here we are assigning the fuel panel control.  Select which switch you wish to assign by pressing the corresponding position in the GIT user interface when the switch is highlighted blue, you know you have the right one.  Then you will get into the functions.

For selecting the fuel panel follow these steps:

Switch Event – “ON” – “EVT_CH_FUEL_PUMP_2_AFT”
Switch Action – “ONOFF_REVERSED”
Light Action – “ON”   Light Value – “1”

Now you’ve successfully programmed your switch to control your fuel pump on your overhead panel.  You can replicate this process for all your other two-position switches.  Try the next step of programming the three-position switch when all you have is a two position function.  The Gen Off Bus makes for a great instance to try this set up.

Next episode we’ll take a look at the three-position switches.

Wheels Up!

2 responses to “PMDG / GoFlight Config Tutorial – Video 2”

  1. Hi Thomas, awesome videos. Do you do a setup for the MCP Pro? I am running the prepar3d with PMDG 737ngx. My EFIS panel works great but the MCP push button lights are green but pushing them does nothing. also the number panels only display dashes. i have loaded the config tool and pollypots interface tool. Please help my name is Mark Dorling. i can be contacted by email on

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