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PMDG / GoFlight Config Tutorial – Video 3

Photo Credit: PMDG


This is our final review of the GoFlight Interface Tool (GIT).  Here we’ll be taking a look at programming the landing lights in our 737 overhead panel.

The landing gear lights are a tricky switch because they do not return to center like the Gen or APU switches we reviewed in the last video.  Here we’ll be showing you a good way to work around this and program those lovely landing lights.

Pull up the GIT.  Select which switch you’d like to designate your landing lights switch, and enter the following events and actions:

Switch Event – “ON” – “EVT_CH_LIGHTS_L_RETRACT”
Light Action – “ON_GREATER_THAN”   Light Value – “0”

With these switches, there is a little bypass we are utilizing to achieve the desired functions.pmdg_ngx_vc3

Next, we are looking at setting the strobe with the following settings:

Switch Event – “ON” – “EVT_CH_LIGHTS_POS_STROBE”
Light Action – “ON_GREATER_THAN”   Light Value – “0”

The strobe is a three position switch; Steady, Off, Strobe.  Again, we are bypassing the middle “off” setting.  The two remaining options are steady and strobe.

Watch the rest of the video to see more ways to program your GoFlight panel with the PMDG 737 NGX.

Again, we want to send a big “THANK YOU” to Jason of Angle Of Attack for putting these videos together for us.  We hope you find them informational and helpful.  Feel free to leave some comments below if you found this helpful.


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