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South Pacific Island Hopper- Part 5 of 5

Hafa Adai, and welcome back to the Island Hopper. As you have probably noticed if you’ve been following this series, the last installment is a bit overdue. Rest assured, however- despite increased military tension from North Korea and an unusual amount of media coverage for this tiny island, we did, in fact, safely reach our final stopping point of Guam, U.S.A.

We’ll go into full detail about the flight, but first, a little bit of history about our destination.

Guam, along with the Northern Marinas Islands to the North- are the United States western-most territories. While often not the first place that comes to mind when most think of the US, Guam is full of not only US Military installations- but a bustling community of US Citizens.

Guam has a population density of 775 people per square mile. If Guam was a state, it would be the fourth most densely-populated in the US. On the island, you’ll find everything from High-rise luxury hotels, to the largest remaining K-Mart store.

What may be even more surprising than its relatively high population, is the fact that it is considered a “Hub City” for United Airlines.

Originally served by Continental Micronesia- which operated as a subsidiary of Continental Airlines- United absorbed all the operations in Guam as part of their merger with Continental in ____. While the number of daily flights and destinations pales in comparison to United’s mainland hubs like Chicago O’Hare and Houston, Guam has its fair share of far-reaching and exotic destinations- From Shanghai to Tokyo to Manilla in Asia, all the way back to 777 Honolulu service in the east- and let’s not forget about the Island Hopper!

United also operates multiple daily flights to the neighboring Island of Saipan in the Northern Mariana Islands, under the United Express brand. Interestingly, these flights are operated by United Express carrier Cape Air, which- with the exception of this route- operates entirely in the Eastern and Midwest regions of the US Mainland and Caribbean.

Unlike our previous Island destinations, Guam has a bit more standard approach procedure, and much more room- remember, the airport is capable of daily service from aircraft such as the 777 and 747.

You can find the approach plates for GUM here.

Guam’s Antonio B Won Pat airport sits elevated above the surrounding suburban area, which offers an excellent view on approach- both from the aircraft and for plane-spotters on the ground.

A freeware version of the airport can be found here for FSX, but even the best add-on scenery can’t do this ocean paradise justice. The island is full of breathtaking beauty, and is truly a destination worth adding to any bucket list.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this series, and thanks for sticking around! Watch the GoFlight blog for more trip reports and flight recreations in the sim.




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